• The tibetan knife is made of spring steel, it features a bronze tsuba, bronze scabbard, blackwood handle and bronze fittings.
  • This sword is perfect for gift giving, cutting practice, display and collection. it is sharp enough to cut through a sheet of paper.
  • This blade is very sharp, please do not point it at people or animals. please point the blade in an unoccupied direction when wiping and be careful not to cut your hand. please keep it out of the reach of children.
  • Its a very beautifully decorated tibetan knife dagger used for hunting fighting in 19th century. the cover of the dagger is plated with beautiful arts and gems which makes the dagger more precious.
  • Please note: the sword stand or holder is not included.


Item Number TK-ZD-G10606
Primary Color Bronze
Primary Material Spring Steel

Item Dimensions & Packaging

Dimensions 21.3 * 1.5 Inches
Weight 1.5 Pounds
Packing Size 23 x 3 x 3 Inches
Shipping Weight 3.0 Pounds

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TK ZD G10606 4924 1 scaled Antique Tibet Knife, Double Ed...


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