Introducing the Teal Dragon Handmade Full-Tang Katana Sword, a unique and visually stunning piece that will appeal to both sword enthusiasts and collectors alike. This authentic, full-tang katana has been meticulously crafted, combining traditional Japanese sword-making techniques with modern materials and artistry. Featuring a 1045 carbon steel blade and intricate dragon theme tsuba, this sword exudes elegance and power, making it a must-have addition to any collection.

Key Features:
High-quality blade: The razor-sharp, teal blade is made of 1045 carbon steel, ensuring durability, excellent edge retention, and precision in cutting. The full-tang construction enhances the sword’s balance and handling.

Exquisite handle: The handle is adorned with genuine white ray-skin and blue cord wrappings, providing an optimal grip and a touch of traditional Japanese craftsmanship. The handle’s design not only offers comfort and stability but also adds a touch of sophistication to the sword.

Unique dragon theme tsuba: The tsuba is made of alloy material and features an intricate dragon design, symbolizing power, wisdom, and good fortune. This elegant and detailed tsuba adds a distinctive touch to the sword, making it a truly remarkable piece of art.

Beautiful saya: The blue hardwood saya is finished with a premium natural lacquer, providing a sleek and refined look. The saya not only protects the blade but also complements the sword’s overall aesthetic.

Matching sageo: The blue sageo cord adds a finishing touch, seamlessly tying the sword’s design elements together while allowing for secure storage and display.

The Teal Dragon Handmade Full-Tang Katana Sword is perfect for:
Sword enthusiasts seeking a unique and authentic katana for their collection
Martial artists who practice Iaido or Kenjutsu and require a high-quality, sharp-edged sword
Display and decoration in homes, offices, or dojos to showcase a piece of traditional Japanese craftsmanship and artistry
A meaningful and exquisite gift for friends or family members passionate about Japanese culture and history

The Teal Dragon Handmade Full-Tang Katana Sword is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, combining traditional Japanese sword-making techniques with modern materials, resulting in a unique and exquisite piece. It is perfect for collectors, martial artists, and anyone interested in Japanese culture and history.

  • The samurai katana sword boasts a 1045 carbon steel blade thats unrivaled in sharpness and strength.
  • This sword has been forged using traditional techniques and methods and has been hand polished and sharpened.
  • Hand forged blade honed to razors edge, powerful full-tang construction.
  • Fully handmade dragon theme tsuba and premium alloy fittings
  • This katana will be a must in any japanese motif on a display stand, the stand is not included.


Item Number TK-JP-WZ20015
Primary Color Teal
Primary Material 1045 Carbon Steel

Item Dimensions & Packaging

Dimensions 41 Inches
Weight 3.0 Pounds
Packing Size 43 x 4 x 4 Inches
Shipping Weight 4.0 Pounds

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