Introducing the exquisite Handmade Full-Tang Ninjato Sword – a true work of art and craftsmanship that combines functionality, durability, and beauty in perfect harmony. This is a must-have for martial arts enthusiasts, sword collectors, and anyone with an appreciation for traditional Japanese weaponry.

Key Features:
Blue Straight Blade Made of 1095 Carbon Steel:
The blade of this elegant ninjato sword features a breathtaking blue hue that catches the eye and distinguishes it from other swords. Made from 1095 carbon steel, it boasts excellent hardness and is exceptionally sharp-edged, ensuring superior cutting performance. The straight blade design pays homage to the traditional ninjato used by the legendary ninja warriors of feudal Japan.

Full-Tang Construction for Enhanced Durability:
The full-tang design of this ninjato sword ensures maximum strength and durability, as the blade extends the entire length of the handle. This design provides improved balance and stability, allowing for better control and precision when wielding the sword.

Decorative and Comfortable Handle:
The handle of this ninjato sword is adorned with high-quality PU black samegawa (ray skin) and wrapped in black leather, offering an elegant and sophisticated appearance. The handle design not only enhances the overall aesthetics of the sword but also provides a comfortable and secure grip for the user.

Black Hardwood Saya with Premium Natural Lacquer:
The black saya (scabbard) is expertly crafted from hardwood, ensuring long-lasting protection for the blade. The premium natural lacquer finish gives the saya a sleek and refined appearance, while also providing additional durability and resistance to wear and tear.

Iron Octagon-Shaped Tsuba for Added Protection:
The tsuba (handguard) of this ninjato sword is made from iron, offering reliable protection for your hands during use. Its octagon shape adds a unique touch to the sword’s overall design and creates a harmonious blend of form and function.

In summary, the Handmade Full-Tang Ninjato Sword with Blue Straight Blade is an extraordinary piece of craftsmanship that will captivate both sword enthusiasts and collectors alike. The combination of a beautiful blue 1095 carbon steel blade, full-tang construction, decorative handle, and protective iron tsuba make this sword a standout addition to any collection or dojo. Its black hardwood saya with premium natural lacquer adds a touch of elegance, making this ninjato sword the perfect embodiment of Japanese tradition and artistry. Don’t miss the opportunity to own this stunning example of expert sword-making, which serves as a testament to the skill and dedication of the craftsmen who have created it.

  • Spring steel blade, black scabbard, iron tsuba, black cord handle with black ray-skin wrap.
  • Hand forge, razors edge sharp, full tang
  • Fully functional samurai sword work of art, stunning workmanship, and attention to detail.
  • Please note: the sword stand or holder is not included.


Item Number TK-JP-XY20117
Primary Color black
Primary Material 1095 carbon steel

Item Dimensions & Packaging

Dimensions 41 Inches
Weight 3.0 Pounds
Packing Size 43 x 4 x 4 Inches
Shipping Weight 4.0 Pounds

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