Introducing our Handmade Full-Tang Sword, a masterfully crafted and elegant weapon designed for enthusiasts, collectors, and practitioners alike. This exquisite katana boasts a high-performance blade made of folded melaleuca steel, known for its sharpness and durability. The handle features an intricate design using white ray-skin and black cord wrappings, ensuring a comfortable grip and stunning appearance. With a hardwood black saya and matching black sageo, this katana is a true work of art that pays homage to traditional Japanese craftsmanship.

Key Features:
High-Performance Blade: Our katana’s blade is made of folded melaleuca steel, renowned for its sharpness, resilience, and impressive cutting capabilities. The full-tang construction ensures exceptional balance and strength, making it perfect for both display and use.

Elegant Handle Design: The handle is wrapped in white ray-skin, providing a luxurious and unique texture. This is complemented by black cord wrappings for added grip and aesthetics.

Hardwood Black Saya: Protect your blade with the included black hardwood saya, designed to fit the katana perfectly while adding an extra layer of elegance to the overall design.

Black Sageo: The matching black sageo is a traditional accessory, used to secure the saya to your belt or obi, ensuring that your katana stays with you at all times.

Iconic Iron Tsuba: This katana features an iron tsuba with a distinctive and iconic shape, adding a touch of sophistication and providing additional protection for your hand.

Our Handmade Full-Tang Katana Sword is perfect for a variety of uses, including:
Collectors: Add this stunning piece to your collection and showcase the beauty of traditional Japanese craftsmanship.
Martial Arts Practitioners: Enhance your training with a katana designed for optimal performance and durability.
Home Decor: Display this beautiful work of art in your home or office, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication.
Gift-giving: Surprise a loved one with a unique and meaningful gift that they will cherish for years to come.

In conclusion, our Handmade Full-Tang Melaleuca Steel Katana Sword offers an unparalleled combination of performance, beauty, and craftsmanship. This elegant weapon is the perfect addition to any collection or training regimen, and makes a thoughtful and unique gift for those who appreciate the artistry of traditional Japanese sword-making.

  • Full tang 28″ damascus steel blade, expertly hand forged by seasoned sword smiths using proven, centuries-old techniques
  • 28 inches damascus steel blade is built for real-world use
  • Hand forged blade honed to razors edge,
  • Overall length: 40.5 inches / nagasa length: 28.3 inches / handle length: 10.2 inches / blade sharp: sharpened / blade material: damascus steel / blade width: 1.18 inches / weight: 2.65 lbs


Item Number TK-JP-KT19005
Primary Color Black
Primary Material Damascus Steel

Item Dimensions & Packaging

Dimensions 40.5 * 1.3 Inches
Weight 2.9 Pounds
Packing Size 43 x 4 x 4 Inches
Shipping Weight 4.0 Pounds

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