• This sword holder adopts delicate black chinese dragon shaped appearance design, could be used as a great decoration at home.
  • This sword holder is made from high density board of solid wood, which is sturdy and durable, good in quality.
  • This sword holder with delicate design and fine workmanship, all part of the surface is smooth and have no burr, make it more durable, beautiful and will not easy to break.
  • Shows off your samurai sword collection without distracting from their artistry.
  • Made in the highest quality wood available and carefully crafted our sword stand will delight even the most demanding connoisseur!


Item Number TK-PJ-DJ19047
Primary Color Black

Item Dimensions & Packaging

Dimensions 1.5 * 2.7 * 5.4 Inches
Weight 1.8 Pounds
Packing Size 17 x 7 x 3.2 Inches
Shipping Weight 2.3 Pounds
重量 0.1 公斤
TK PJ DJ19047 6320 1 Handmade Single Dragon Katana ...


库存 10000 件