Introducing our high-performance Japanese Katana, crafted with precision and excellence to provide you with a truly exceptional experience. This Katana features T10 folded clay-tempered steel that ensures superior strength and durability, as well as a unique and authentic design that speaks to the tradition of Japanese sword-making.


T10 Folded Clay-Tempered Steel: The blade is made from T10 steel, which is known for its high carbon content, excellent toughness, and resistance to wear and tear. The steel is folded multiple times during the forging process to create a unique grain pattern that enhances the blade’s strength and durability.

Authentic Japanese Design: The Katana features an authentic design that pays homage to the rich history and tradition of Japanese sword-making. The blade is sharpened to a razor-sharp edge, and the handle is wrapped with high-quality rayon and leather for a comfortable and secure grip.

Full Tang Construction: The blade runs through the handle, ensuring that the sword is well-balanced and easy to handle. This full tang construction adds to the overall strength and durability of the Katana.

Superior Performance: This Katana is designed for superior performance, making it ideal for martial arts practice, cutting exercises, and display. Its excellent balance, sharp edge, and durable construction make it a reliable and functional weapon for any practitioner.

Protective Sheath: The Katana comes with a protective sheath that is made from high-quality wood and adorned with intricate designs. The sheath is designed to protect the blade and ensure that it remains sharp and pristine for years to come.

Handcrafted: Our Japanese Katana is handcrafted by skilled artisans who have dedicated their lives to the art of sword-making. Each blade is crafted with precision and care to ensure that it meets the highest standards of quality and performance.

Unique Grain Pattern: The folding process used in creating the T10 steel blade results in a unique grain pattern that enhances the blade’s strength and beauty. The pattern is formed as a result of the steel being folded and hammered repeatedly during the forging process, which creates a distinctive wave-like pattern on the blade.

Razor-Sharp Edge: The blade is sharpened to a razor-sharp edge that is perfect for cutting and slicing. This sharpness ensures that the Katana can easily slice through targets with minimal effort, making it an excellent choice for martial arts practice and cutting exercises.

Stunning Design: The Katana’s design is stunning and intricate, featuring a beautiful tsuba (guard) that is adorned with intricate designs. The handle is wrapped with high-quality rayon and leather, and the pommel is adorned with a traditional Japanese knot, adding to the sword’s overall beauty and authenticity.

Versatile: This Japanese Katana is versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes, including martial arts practice, cutting exercises, and display. Its superior balance and performance make it an excellent choice for any practitioner.

Great Gift: Our high-performance Japanese Katana makes an excellent gift for sword enthusiasts, martial artists, or anyone who appreciates authentic Japanese craftsmanship. It comes in a beautiful presentation box, making it an ideal gift for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, or graduations.

Overall, our high-performance Japanese Katana is a work of art and a testament to the skill and dedication of the artisans who crafted it. Its superior strength, durability, and performance make it a reliable and functional weapon, while its stunning design and beauty make it an excellent addition to any collection.

  • Katana, t10 carbon steel, hand forged, clay tempered, hand grinding, real hamon, real ray skin, full tang, sharpened, handmade, blade polished, battle ready, 40.5 inches, real rayskin scabbard, gold-plated tsuba, red katana
  • T10 carbon steel blade is built for real-world use and the rigors of modern combat, despite its incredible beautiful.
  • Ancient forging technique yields distinctly real katana, sharpest in the world and stays that way, thanks to clay tempering
  • Clay tempering imparts strength, flexibility, real hamon, not wire brushed or printed.
  • Overall length: 41.5 inches, nagasa length: 27.5 inches, handle length: 10.2 inches, blade sharp: sharpened, blade material: damascus steel, blade width: 1.2 inches, saya material: wooden, weight: 3 lbs


Item Number TK-JP-KT19136
Primary Color Red
Primary Material T10 Carbon Steel

Item Dimensions & Packaging

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