Overall length: 80.7 inches, Blade length: 21.25 inches, First part length: 39.37 inches, Second part length: 19.68 inches, Blade width: 4.6 inches, Blade thickness: 0.19 inches

The weight of the Chinese crescent sword makes it the perfect weapon for slashing and spinning cuts. Training with this weapon requires full-body movements to control the power and speed of the blade at the end.

  • The chinese kwan dao is made of high manganese steel, it features a leather scabbard and stainless steel rod.
  • Our version of guan yu??s weapon has a dragon head at the end of the handle that??s biting the blade. we??ve also chosen to embellish the blade with an intricately engraved dragon design on both sides.
  • Kung fu guan dao have a long history in china and many similar looking weapons across the world have developed completely independently. credited to have been developed by the famous chinese general guan yu in the 3rd century. some heavyweight kung fu guan dao exist, with the purpose for weight training and building strength drills. however, most kung fu guan dao these days are fairly lightweight, just like this one. ?
  • Kung fu guan dao have a large blade on one end, made from flexible sprung steel, this is able to bend about 90 without any problem. it isn’t as flexible as the wushu broadswords but still makes a wobbling sound when moved around. traditionally this woudl be used for slashing and cutting, they are sometimes called horse knives for reasons you can probably imagine. the other end has a spike which acts as a counterweight but also can be used for striking and stabbing. these spikes have rings looped in along the edges of the three ridged spike.
  • Please note: the chinese kwan dao stand or holder is not included.


Item Number TK-CN-G10598
Primary Color Silver
Primary Material Manganese Steel

Item Dimensions & Packaging

Dimensions 80.7 Inches
Weight 9.7 Pounds
Packing Size 83 Inches
Shipping Weight 12.0 Pounds

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