Hanging this high quality battle weapon from your wall will take your collection to a royal level. Allow the shape and decorations of the Chinese dao to inspire you as you draw from the legacy of both the Qing Dynasty and Kangxi himself. Let it sit on display where you can see as you train with other sabers or write essays on the history of the East. While you may find yourself in a state of peace, know that this sharpened imperial sword will come to your aid should conflict rear its head, and you find it is time to go to war.

  • Our 40?? emperor kangxi dao sword is hand forged with pattern steel and sharpened. a dao is a single-edged chinese sword primarily used for slashing and chopping.
  • No matter if you are a history buff with a collection of artifacts or a sword buff who appreciates high quality steel blades, this sword is bound to catch your attention. the intricate designs cast directly into the handle and the straight sharpened steel blade make this dao sword fit for an emperor. but not just any old ruler. behold the kangxi imperial war sword, an ornate and durable steel weapon that would have been used to ride into battle with, and take on whatever army who dared to fight the qing dynasty.
  • Crafted of pattern steel, this air hardened blade is tougher than nails. it has a straight spine with a fuller ridge along the back, and a sharpened dual edge point at the tip. spring steel is reserved for creating machine parts, but when it is used for weapons, look out. the steel has alloy elements that make it hard and durable, and since this dao weapon comes with a fine edge, you can expect it to stay that way. reaching 21.5 inches long, this sword is most similar to a chinese saber, although dao swords came in many different shapes. the protruding point at the tip gives a cutting look to this fighting weapon, as it should! allowing you to puncture armor as well as slice and dice enemies as you ride by, this battle sword uses all 3 pounds 15 ounces to throw its weight around.
  • After you’ve wiped the sharpened spring steel blade clean, you can slide it into the wooden scabbard. this decorative piece is what shows that this weapon is from the imperial court, with lavish embellishments on the scabbard’s securing brackets and tip protector. wrapped underneath these brushed zinc aluminum decorations is black faux snake skin, giving this exotic war sword even more elegance. the holster fits well to the blade, and tucks right up to the handguard, making this weapon its full 40.5 inches long. this rounded piece of zinc alloy is beautifully embossed with swirling floral designs and a flying dragon, signifying that nature is still heard and understood by the crafters of this royal saber sword. this amount of decorative metal makes the mass of this sword about 5 pounds 9 ounces in total with the wooden scabbard in toe.
  • The handle continues with the same metal alloy that is brushed clean with a dark stain to make the contrast more apparent. two solid links come together in the center to create the gripping section of this handle, and the flying dragon continues to wrap around in the detailed casting all the way to the pommel. there, an iconic sitting lion guard is perched to show the divine protection given to whoever holds this saber. the blade and handle measured together reach 37.5 inches long, including the seated pommel statue. the dynasties believed in destiny, and this is conveyed by the appearance of both a flying dragon and the sitting lion. these two protective spirits that are significant in chinese culture, both past and present.


Item Number TK-CN-19038
Primary Color Black
Primary Material Pattern Steel

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