• Full tang 21″ damascus steel blade, expertly hand forged by seasoned sword smiths using proven, centuries-old techniques
  • Fully handmade ninjato, highly polished blade, impressively sized yet easy to wield and deft in battle
  • Hand forged blade honed to razors edge.
  • Red ray skin wrapped grip with black cotton cord wrap, hardwood scabbard with high quality piano paint finish.
  • Overall length: 31 inches / nagasa length: 20.6 inches / handle length: 9 inches / blade sharp: sharpened / blade material: damascus steel / blade width: 1.2 inches / saya material: wood / weight: 2.85 lbs


Item Number TK-JZ-KT-L190015
Primary Color Black
Primary Material 1045 Carbon Steel
Weight 0.1 kg
TK JP NJ19009 14434 1 scaled Handmade Japanese Chokuto Ninj...


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