• Tamahagane steel blade
  • Whole length: 37.8 inches, blade: 28.3 inches, width:1.26 inches, nakago: 9.5 inches, curvature(sori): 0.75 inches, weight: 1.76 lbs.
  • The blade is made of iron sand and charcoal (carbon) called tamahagane, or jewel steel, strictly following the traditional japanese method. these two materials are smelted in a tatara furnace. the iron and carbon elements fuse together into the steel ore known as tamahagane. after this process, the high and low carbon pieces are sorted and forged. like a traditional samurai sword, the high carbon pieces will be used to make the powerful cutting edge and core, and the tough low carbon pieces are used to encase the high carbon core.
  • Nakago??nakago is the tang of the japanese sword.japanese swordsmiths left the black rust on the tang because it prevents red rust while the tang is in its handle. and the discoloration of the tang was created over time, and it is a great indicator for a japanese sword specialist to estimate when the sword was forged.
  • Full tang but no holes on the tang,you should drill it yourself according to your handle.


Item Number TK-JP-G10463
Primary Material Tamahagane Steel

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