• Tamahagane steel blade, real folded hamon.
  • Whole length: 37.8 inches, blade: 28.3 inches, width:1.26 inches, nakago: 9.5 inches, curvature(sori): 0.75 inches, weight: 1.76 lbs.
  • Hamon??the crystalline structure which forms along the cutting edge of a blade as a result of the hardening process.jimon(jihada)??visible steel surface pattern created by folding and hammering during forging process.
  • Nakago??nakago is the tang of the japanese sword.japanese swordsmiths left the black rust on the tang because it prevents red rust while the tang is in its handle. and the discoloration of the tang was created over time, and it is a great indicator for a japanese sword specialist to estimate when the sword was forged.
  • Full tang but no holes on the tang,you should drill it yourself according to your handle.


Item Number TK-JP-G10466
Primary Material Tamahagane Steel

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TK JP G10466 4784 1 scaled High-performance Japanese Kata...


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