• This is a japanese samurai figurine. his name is benkei. he’s a very popular samurai in japan.
  • The costume is a vivid display of japanese culture, will help you the traditional japanese culture.
  • The face is exquisite and the skin texture is stronger. the eyeballs and eyelashes are all meticulously crafted. the thin willow eyebrows, and the red cherry mouth are highly simulated.the costumes have distinctive features and a variety of materials. all are handmade, more expressive.
  • The figurines are made with exquisite craftsmanship and have an elegant and artistic appearance, which is very suitable for decoration at home or office.
  • Japanese traditional samurai dolls, with strong cultural characteristics, are perfect items for adult crafts, collectibles, friends or birthday or holiday gifts, and are one of the best choices for gifts.


Item Number TK-JP-WS220007
Primary Color White
Primary Material Silk

Item Dimensions & Packaging

Dimensions 5.1 * 5.1 * 8.8 Inches
Weight 0.5 Pounds
Packing Size 5.9 x 5.9 x 13.38 Inches
Shipping Weight 1.2 Pounds
Weight 0.1 kg
TK JP WS220007 6592 1 scaled Japanese Samurai Warrior Figur...


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