Introducing the Fujitora Handmade Ninjato Replica, a sword that combines traditional craftsmanship and modern performance. This exquisite, high-quality weapon is perfect for enthusiasts, collectors, and martial artists alike. Each Fujitora ninjato is hand-forged with precision and care, ensuring that every detail is attended to. With a high-performance blade made of 1045 carbon steel, a stunning rosewood handle and saya, and elegant alloy fittings adorned with intricate patterns, this ninjato is both a work of art and a reliable tool for practice or display.

Key Features:
Handmade 1045 carbon steel Blade:
The Fujitora Handmade Ninjato Replica features a sharp-edged, full-tang blade made of 1045 carbon steel. This material ensures excellent durability, strength, and cutting performance.

Exquisite Rosewood Handle and Saya:
The handle and saya are crafted from high-quality rosewood, which offers a warm, rich color and natural wood grain patterns. This choice of material not only enhances the sword’s aesthetic but also provides a comfortable grip and excellent balance.

Elegant Alloy Fittings:
The Fujitora Handmade Ninjato Replica’s fittings are made of high-quality alloy material, decorated with exquisite patterns that reflect traditional Japanese craftsmanship. These fittings include the tsuba (handguard), fuchi (collar), kashira (pommel), and menuki (ornaments), adding an air of sophistication and authenticity to the sword.

In conclusion, the Fujitora Handmade Ninjato Replica is an exceptional piece that offers a perfect blend of form and function. Its high-performance 1045 carbon steel blade, elegant rosewood handle and saya, and intricately decorated alloy fittings make it a must-have for sword enthusiasts, collectors, and martial artists. Don’t miss your chance to own this stunning example of traditional Japanese craftsmanship and modern performance.

  • Handmade 1045 carbon steel blade
  • Exquisite rosewood handle and saya
  • Elegant alloy fittings
  • Full-tang construction


Item Number TK-CN-19028
Primary Color Brown
Primary Material 1045 Carbon Steel

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TK CN 19028 15130 1 scaled One Piece Fujitora Issho Sword


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