Introducing our exquisite Handmade Japanese Chokuto Ninjato Sword, a true work of art for martial arts enthusiasts, collectors, and practitioners. This elegant and durable full-tang sword is meticulously crafted to pay homage to the rich tradition and artistry of Japanese sword-making.

Key Features:
Blade Material and Quality:
The blade of our Chokuto Ninjato Sword is forged from high-quality manganese steel, ensuring its durability and resistance to wear and tear. Manganese steel is known for its excellent shock absorption and anti-corrosive properties, making it the perfect choice for a blade that is meant to withstand the rigors of practice and combat.

Clay Tempered Blade:
To enhance its sharpness and edge retention, the Chokuto Ninjato Sword features a clay tempered blade. This traditional Japanese sword-making technique involves the application of clay to the blade before heat treatment, resulting in a hardened edge that can hold its sharpness for longer periods.

Handle Design and Comfort:
The handle of the Chokuto Ninjato Sword is designed with a black finish and a multitude of protruding parts on the surface. This not only adds to the overall aesthetics of the sword but also provides a secure and comfortable grip, ensuring that the sword remains steady and controlled in your hand during use.

Saya and Sageo:
The saya, or scabbard, is crafted from high-quality hardwood and coated with a striking black lacquer finish. This ensures that your sword is protected from the elements and stays in pristine condition when not in use. The sageo, or the cord used to secure the saya, is also black, complementing the overall design and providing a harmonious appearance.

Tsuba and Fittings:
The tsuba, or handguard, is made of a durable alloy material and comes in a stylish black finish. The tsuba plays an essential role in protecting your hand from potential injury and adds a sophisticated touch to the overall design of the sword. The fittings on the Chokuto Ninjato Sword are carefully crafted to ensure a perfect fit and seamless assembly, contributing to the sword’s exceptional balance and handling.

In conclusion, our Handmade Japanese Chokuto Ninjato Sword is a must-have for any martial arts practitioner, collector, or enthusiast who appreciates the skill and artistry that goes into the creation of a truly remarkable weapon. Its superior craftsmanship, combined with its stunning design and attention to detail, makes it a piece that will be cherished for years to come.

  • Key features: chokuto, ninjato, black tsuba, manganese steel, black saya, full tang, handmade, blade polished, sharpened, alloy fittings
  • Fully handmade sword, highly polished blade, impressively sized yet easy to wield and deft in battle
  • Following the traditional japanese process,extremely sharp hand honed edge.
  • Black lacquered hard wood saya, premium alloy fittings
  • Overall length: 103cm, handle length (tsuka): 72cm, blade length (nagasa): 26cm, blade material: high manganese steel, blade sharp: sharpened, blade width: 1.2 inches


Item Number TK-JP-NJ19011
Primary Color Black
Primary Material Manganese Steel

Item Dimensions & Packaging

Dimensions 40.5 * 1.2 Inches
Weight 2.5 Pounds
Packing Size 42 x 4 x 4 Inches
Shipping Weight 4.5 Pounds

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