Introducing our handmade full-tang tanto sword, crafted with precision and care to deliver the fine quality and performance. This full-tang tanto has a handmade 1045 carbon steel blade, a black hardwood saya, a black sageo, a handle decorated with red ray-skin and black cord wrappings and a gold alloy tsuba. This full-tang tanto sword is a beautifully crafted weapon that combines traditional Japanese design with modern materials and finishes.

Blade: The blade of this sword is handmade and crafted from high-quality 1045 carbon steel, which is known for its exceptional strength and durability. It has a chrome finish that adds a modern and stylish touch to the traditional design.
Saya: The black matte saya is made of hardwood and provides a protective sheath for the blade when not in use. The sword also comes with a black sageo, which is a cord that is tied around the saya to secure the blade in place.
Handle: The handle is wrapped with black cord and adorned with red ray-skin, providing a comfortable and secure grip during use.
Tsuba: One of the standout features of this sword is the gold oval tsuba, which is made of alloy material. The tsuba is a guard that sits between the blade and the handle, and it is adorned with intricate designs that add to the overall beauty of the sword.
Full-tang: Finally, the full-tang construction of the sword is a unique feature that adds to its durability and strength. A full-tang sword has the blade running the full length of the handle, which makes it less likely to break or loosen over time compared to a partial-tang or rat-tail tang construction.

Other fittings on the sword, including the menuki (ornamental grip), fuchi (collar), and kashira (pommel), are also made of alloy material and complement the overall design of the sword. In summary, our full-tang tanto sword is a beautifully crafted weapon that combines traditional Japanese design with modern materials and finishes. Its high-quality construction and attention to detail make it a standout piece that is sure to impress you.

  • Tanto, 1045 carbon steel, red rayskin, black, alloy fittings, alloy tsuba, matte scabbard, full tang, handmade
  • Ancient forging technique yields distinctly real tanto sword
  • Hardwood handle with red ray skin and black cord wrappings
  • Overall length: 19.68 inches / nagasa length: 11.8 inches / handle length: 6.49 inches / blade width: 1.18 inches / weight: 1.16 lbs


Item Number TK-JP-DD19002
Primary Color Black
Primary Material 1045 carbon steel

Item Dimensions & Packaging

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