Introducing the exquisite Handmade Full-Tang Katana Sword ?C a breathtaking work of art that combines master craftsmanship, traditional forging techniques, and high-quality materials to produce a superior weapon that is perfect for collectors, martial artists, and katana enthusiasts.

Key Features:
Blade Material and Construction:
The heart of this katana lies in its razor-sharp blade, skillfully handcrafted from high-quality Damascus steel. The intricate process of forging and folding the steel multiple times creates a distinctive pattern that is both visually stunning and ensures superior strength and durability. Our artisans use traditional clay tempering techniques to form the beautiful, wavy hamon that further enhances the blade’s aesthetics and sharpness.

Full-Tang Design:
The full-tang construction of the sword guarantees exceptional balance, control, and stability during use. This design allows the blade to extend into the handle, providing a secure attachment and increased strength, making it suitable for rigorous cutting exercises and martial arts practice.

Handle and Fittings:
The handle, or tsuka, is wrapped in genuine white samegawa (ray skin) and high-quality brown cord, offering a comfortable and secure grip. This traditional wrap ensures that the katana remains firmly in your hand during use, while the real ray skin adds an elegant and classic touch to the sword’s overall appearance.

Tsuba and Dragon Theme:
The stunning gold and silver gilding tsuba (handguard) is made from high-quality copper, featuring an intricately detailed dragon theme that symbolizes power, strength, and good fortune. This eye-catching design not only adds to the sword’s beauty but also provides an excellent handguard to protect your fingers during use.

Embossed Craft Saya:
The handmade hardwood saya (scabbard) is adorned with an embossed dragon-themed design, which complements the tsuba and adds to the overall aesthetics of the sword. The black lacquered finish gives the saya a sleek and sophisticated appearance, while the hardwood construction ensures that your blade remains protected and secure when not in use.

The Handmade Full-Tang Katana Sword is a remarkable combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern materials, resulting in a superior weapon that is both functional and visually stunning. Whether you’re a martial artist, sword collector, or simply appreciate the artistry and skill that goes into creating such a piece, this katana is an excellent choice that will not disappoint. Invest in a piece of history and bring home the power, elegance, and beauty of this exceptional handmade katana sword today.

  • Handmade damascus steel blade with clay tempered hamon
  • Full-tang construction for increased strength and stability
  • Genuine white samegawa (ray skin) and brown cord-wrapped handle
  • Intricately detailed gold and silver gilding copper tsuba with dragon theme
  • Embossed craft hardwood saya with dragon design and black lacquer finish


Item Number TK-JP-G10744

Item Dimensions & Packaging

Dimensions 40.6 * 1.3 * 0.3 Inches
Weight 2.8 Pounds
Packing Size 42.9 x 3.9 x 3.5 Inches
Shipping Weight 3.3 Pounds

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