The Michonne??s Katana Sword is a one-of-a-kind collector??s item that any fan of The Walking Dead would be proud to own. It features a 1090 carbon steel blade that is hand-forged and has a razor-sharp edge. The blade also has a unique feature of an engraved zombie biohazard symbol, which adds to its menacing look.
The sword has a hardwood handle wrapped with black ray-skin and white cord wrappings, which provide an excellent grip while handling the sword. The alloy fittings add to the sword’s overall beauty and provide durability.
The tsuba is made of alloy and engraved with a zombie biohazard symbol. The scabbard is also made of hardwood and has a brown leather wrap and brown strap, which adds to the sword’s elegance and makes it easy to carry around.

Features and Benefits:
Premium Quality: Our Michonne’s Katana Replica is made of high-quality materials, including a 1090 carbon steel blade, which offers superior strength, durability, and sharpness. The alloy tsuba and fittings provide stability and balance to the katana, while the white cord handle with black ray-skin wrap offers a comfortable grip.

Authentic Design: The replica is designed to mimic the original katana used by Michonne in the show, including the brown leather scabbard, which provides a classic look to the weapon. The 1090 carbon steel blade is also etched with the Walking Dead logo, adding to its authenticity.

Perfect for Display: Our Michonne’s Katana Replica is a perfect addition to any Walking Dead fan’s collection. The katana’s premium quality construction and authentic design make it a great display piece that can be proudly showcased in your home or office.

Ideal Gift: Our Michonne’s Katana Replica is an excellent gift for any Walking Dead fan, martial arts enthusiast, or collector. It comes in a secure packaging that ensures the katana’s safe arrival and an enjoyable unboxing experience.

The Michonne??s Katana Sword is a perfect fit for Walking Dead enthusiasts and collectors. The sword is an excellent addition to their collection and would make an amazing display item for their home or office. Fans of the show would appreciate the details and the craftsmanship put into creating the sword.

In conclusion, our Michonne’s Katana Replica with 1090 Carbon Steel Blade is a premium-quality replica that any Walking Dead fan, martial arts enthusiast, or collector would be proud to own. With its superior construction, authentic design, and secure packaging, this katana replica is an ideal gift for any occasion. Get yours today and add a unique and valuable piece of The Walking Dead series to your collection!

  • Katana, 1090 carbon steel, handmade, full tang,alloy fittings, a handle wrapped with black ray-skin and white cord, hardwood saya has a brown leather wrap
  • 1090 high carbon steel blade thats unrivaled in sharpness and strength.
  • A handle wrapped with black ray-skin and white cord
  • Hardwood saya has a brown leather wrap
  • Overall length: 40.5 inches, nagasa length: 28.3 inches, handle length: 10.2 inches, tsuba style: walking dead michonne, blade sharp: sharpened, blade material: 1090 carbon steel, blade width: 1.18 inches, saya material: wood with pu, weight: 2.85 lbs, theme: the walking dead


Item Number TK-JP-KT19112
Primary Color Brown
Primary Material 1090 Carbon Steel

Item Dimensions & Packaging

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